The IRS and State would like to collect on your liability.  You don’t know how to fight them on correcting the matter.  Who else are you going to contact about this other than a Tax Defense Attorney?  This individual’s entire profession is to help resolve disputes and seek restitution for their client’s benefit.  A Tax Defense Attorney can specialize in an area or areas of expertise within the tax resolution process, or their practice may take a more generalized approach at resolving tax disputes between taxpayers and the Federal & Local Government.

Most Tax Defense Attorneys would generally start by compiling a comprehensive analysis of the case history and approach a dispute from the insight that was gained from the case summary.  If it in the client’s best interest, a Tax Defense Attorney might advise with a particular strategy to achieve the best possible outcome.  Depending on the nature of the case and level of severity of collectable or enforceable action, it may make sense to have the case stay out of court.  In other cases, a Tax Defense Attorney may advise for the matter to go to court in order to have the case reviewed and determined by a Judge.  In circumstances which involve significant liability, and the outcome will affect the parties involved, having the representation of a qualified Tax Defense Attorney can make all the difference in a case.

So when is it most logical to seek legal counsel and representation from a Tax Defense Attorney?  Probably when you have a debt with the IRS or State that you are unable to resolve on your own.  Are all Tax Defense Attorneys the same? Not likely.  Working with Alexander Tax Defense, you will find that all of our Tax Defense Attorneys are seasoned experts in the field of identifying your issues and helping resolve them.


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