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The State, just like the IRS, is interested in collecting any debt they claim you owe them.  If they Income Tax Lawyercan, they will pursue aggressive action, which is why it makes sense to have an Income Tax Lawyer helping to protect your case from these Agencies.  The State realizes that the IRS is the dominant party, and if they deem a debt to be reasonable to collect upon, the State will have to take second seat in collecting on you, should you owe them as well (which is very common).  With the representation of an Income Tax Lawyer, you can soften the impact from unavoidable collectible action, or in some cases the debt can be reduced or modified.  A qualified Income Tax Lawyer will take the time that is needed to research your case thoroughly before establishing a best course of action to resolve or protect your income from the IRS and/or State.

Income Tax Lawyers know that the State is deeply interested in collecting on the tax liability that they have assessed on you.  The State will fiercely come after the debt they claim you owe.  An Income Tax Lawyer can help protect you from seriously damaging collectable action from the State by providing several vital services to demonstrate that you are attempting to resolve the issues that they would like to collect upon.  If the State calls you and does not speak with an Income Tax Lawyer representing you, whatever is disclosed to them is potentially damaging to the resolution of your case.  Most Income Tax Lawyers will initially advise to review your case and see whether there are any issues with filing non-compliance for your State returns, and if so, to have the matter addressed by having said returns prepared and sent to the State to be evaluated.


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