At Alexander Tax Defense, it is our goal to help prevent the IRS and State from collecting your money.  We have over half a century of combined experience helping taxpayers who have contention with Federal and Local tax authorities.  With our assistance, you will be equipped to combat these agencies who wish to take as much of your capital as they are legally able.


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Alexander Tax Defense offers a range of Tax Preparation Services for Individuals, S-Corporations, C-Corporations, LLC’s, and Partnerships

Individual Tax Preparation Services:

  • Free initial tax consultation (determine tax liability/tax deductions free of charge)
  • Federal income tax preparation
  • State income tax preparation
  • California and out-of-state tax preparation
  • Amended tax return preparation
  • Prior year tax return filing
  • Electronic filing (IRS e-file)
  • IRS Audit assistance
  • State Revenue Service assistance
Form 1040 Schedule E Quarterly Review
Schedule A Schedule D & C Semi-Annual Review
Schedule B Schedule K-1 Yearly Review
Schedule C or D Schedule H Estimate Projections
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Business Tax Preparation Services (C-Corporation, S-Corporation, LLC, Partnerships)

  • Free initial tax consultation (determine tax liability, tax deductions, etc.)
  • Federal income tax preparation
  • State income tax preparation
  • California and out-of-state tax preparation
  • Amended tax return preparation
  • Prior year tax return filing
  • Electronic filing (IRS e-file)
Tax Return Quarterly Review Estimate Projections
Adjusting Entries Semi-Annual Review Multiple Owners & Investors
Projection Planning Yearly Review Advanced Tax Regulation Research
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What do you do when the IRS and/or State comes after your assets via audits, penalties, seizures, and levies?  Call Alexander Tax Defense.  Our experienced staff of Enrolled Agents, CPA’s, and Tax Attorneys is by your side.  Your case will receive personalized care and tailored solutions to match your unique situation.  Don’t put this off one more day.

Call us and get started resolving this issue right away.

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Tax Resolution Services provided:

50 States Revenue Agencies Audit Assistance Currently Not Collectible Penalty Abatement
Audit Assistance State of California BOE    – State Board of Equalization Filing Back Taxes Settling Tax Debt
Audit Assistance State of California EDD – Employment Development Department Foreign Bank Account Reports Tax Lien Discharge
Audit Assistance State of California FTB – Franchise Tax Board Innocent Spouse Relief Tax Lien Release
Audit Representation IRS Fresh Start Program Tax Lien Subordination
Bank Account Levy Nationwide Tax Relief   Wage Levy / Garnishment
Bankruptcy Offer In Compromise
Collection Due Process Payment Plans/ Installment Agreements
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Penalty Abatement

The IRS can evaluate multiple penalties on your tax account, including late filing & payment fees.  Over time, these penalties can accrue to the point they are greater than the original tax debt.  Alexander Tax Defense can determine if you are eligible for penalty abatement, and if so, we will pursue that for you.

Installment Agreement

An installment agreement is a formal contract between you and the debtors wherein you agree to pay your full tax debt through monthly installments.  Ask one of our Tax Experts and see if you are qualified to pay small payment to the IRS every month.  If you are eligible, an Installment Agreement will stop collectable action.

Partial Pay Installment Agreement (PPIA)

This version of an Installment Agreement states that you agree to pay a partial portion of the total amount due.  The IRS and State rarely agree to this unless it is a special circumstance, however, it is always worth investigating whether you qualify for PPIA.

Tax Lien Discharge

A tax lien discharge removes a lien hold from a specific property.  Alexander Tax Defense is very familiar with the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) provisions which determine your eligibility.  If you have a tax lien on a property or your personal assets, give us a call today and we can help remove it from your case.

Tax Lien Subordination

Subordination does not remove the lien.  It allows other creditors to move ahead of the IRS.  This means that it would be easier for you to get a loan or mortgage even if you have an active tax lien.  Ask one of our Tax Experts if you are eligible for lien subordination.

Tax Lien Withdrawal

A lien withdrawal removes the public Notice of Federal Tax Lien.  This ensures the IRS is not competing with other creditors for your property.  You are still liable for the amount due, but at that point your debt cannot be passed around to difference collection services who will be harassing you to pay them.

Wage Garnishment Release

A garnishment release means that your liability has been satisfied and there is no further need for collections action.  Alexander Tax Defense offers immediate assistance for wage garnishment release.

Bank Levy Release

Bank levy release occurs when you have settled your tax debt.  This is done by either paying your liability down to zero, or the statute of limitations has expired.  Most tax agencies will start serious collections this way, since it is a guaranteed way for them to collect on your case.  Call us if you get a serious notice about a tax debt so that we can help you avoid this financial pitfall.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief occurs when you are unaware of the actions taken by your spouse.  The IRS will consider relieving you from the tax owed on the grounds of undue assignment of liability.

Currently Non-Collectible

Assigned and approved by the IRS when someone is unable to pay because of a temporary hardship.  Simply put, you don’t have to pay if you can show that you cannot afford the payments.  This is a temporary measure which affords you up to two years of non-payment.  Although this seems like the best options, consider that they still accrue interest during your time in CNC.  Alexander Tax Defense can advise you if this is the best course of action for your specific case.

Statute of Limitations

The legal time limitation (typically ten years from original date of assessment) that the IRS can collect on tax liability.  The start time of these statutes can be reset depending on the action taken.  Make sure you work with a firm you can trust, like Alexander Tax Defense, who knows how any action can affect your case.

Collection Appeal

The Office of Appeals is its own entity, and not a part of the IRS Collection Office.  Ask one of our Tax Attorneys and see if you are eligible for Collection Appeal.

Administrative Appeal

You may file an administrative appeal with the IRS under four circumstances.  For complete information, check under IRS  Ask one of our Tax Attorneys and see if you are eligible for Administrative Appeal.

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Do you have a business or are you starting a new one?  You may know that it is risky, challenging, and time-consuming to do it on your own, especially when dealing with the new tax laws.  IRS regulations and laws are constantly changing, and you need a solid support staff of knowledgeable experts in tax code.   Alexander Tax Defense can help you navigate the world of tax law to guarantee you will stay out of financial trouble due to tax penalties.

Alexander Tax Defense provides the following Business Tax Services:

Tax Planning

S-Corp/LLC Investment Tax Shelter
Property Purchase Divorce

Incorporation with Dissolution

Create a C Corporation, create a S Corporation, Create a LLC Corporation Dissolution

Board of Directors & Shareholders

Minute/Agreement Change of Address
Statement of Information Stock Issuance

Contract Review Consulting

Employment Contract Review Litigation Review
Business Contract Review Patent/Copyright Agreement

Trust & Estate Planning

Estate Planning Maintenance of a Trust
Creating a Trust

Employee Benefits/Pension/Retirement Plan

Review existing Employee Benefits, Pension and Retirement Plan Employee Benefits, Pension and Retirement Plan Setup
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