Tax Reform Bill to Small Businesses

With the passing of the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” the changes in tax legislation make it extremely difficult for small businesses to calculate their own estimated payments.  The Federal Government

Impact of the Tax Reform Bill to Small Businesses

even acknowledged the laundry list of shortcomings associated with the act, and yet have provided no real answer to the main issue looming this next tax year: how are small businesses supposed to calculate their estimated tax payments?  Alexander Tax Defense can help small businesses determine how much should be payed per quarter and per year.  We can keep you out of trouble this next year.

IRS representatives have stated that they are counting on many small businesses to be hit with 5% interest on the penalties they will be assessing this next tax year.  Avoid the hassle and call Alexander Tax Defense today for a free consultation.  We are familiar with the ins and outs of IRS and State procedures.  We can help prevent them from collecting on you for an amount that may not even be accurate or fair.  Be prepared for this next tax season with Alexander Tax Defense by your side.

The key to all small businesses is preparation, you have to prepare for seasonal  business. So why not prepare for taxes? Alexander Tax Defense with locations in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Phoenix to serve you. We have Tax Attorneys who specialize in Small Businesses and tax preparation.

When it comes to the IRS a good Tax Attorney will never leave their clients alone with the IRS Agent, it is the Tax Attorneys job to act as the buffer between you and them. Part of any good preparation is a defensive plan. You have to always be ready to defend your business against audits, Small Businesses are often perfect for audit due to poor planning.



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