Everyone has been to good stores and bad ones of the same brand.  The tax resolution industry is not too dissimilar to that of restaurant chains, for example.  Tax resolution firms are run by real people who have varying levels of competence and concern for the cases over which their firm is hired to resolve.  Alexander Tax Defense is only comprised of Tax Professionals who care about your case and the tax resolution services we can provide you.

When dealing with tax resolution, it is important for the firm responsible to do conduct an initial inquiry into the entire story of how the case came about.  Listening helps, because sometimes figuring out the best tax resolution options can be straightforward, though more often, it takes a lot of discovery to sus out the best resolution options.  Alexander Tax Defense has over fifty years of combined experience helping provide the best tax resolution options for cases just like yours.  Our process starts by listening to you first to understand the entire story of your case.

Once we understand the nature of your tax issues, we can then provide insight as to how to best approach the type of resolution that would be best for your situation.  We handle every case independently of one another; your issues are uniquely relevant to your case, and Alexander Tax Defense does not adhere to a cookie-cutter program to resolve every case.  Rather, we share the same respect and concern for every case we work with, as well as provide each with the highest level of care and attention possible.  At Alexander Tax Defense, the result of your case tax resolution matters to us.  We are committed to your case.

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