Nobody should expect anyone else to fully understand their tax issues.  After all, not everyone is taught or shown how to manage taxes in general academia (this is typically reserved for higher learning institutions which is a pay-to-play system).  It is easy to see why so many people get into trouble when trying to handle a tax discrepancy by themselves.  Many times, one will find that it would have made better sense to hire a Professional to resolve these matters rather than assume these taxable Agents would give any good advice on how to solve the matters at hand.  The amount of money you save from having a specialist handle your case is usually well worth it in the end.  Not all Agencies are alike, and at Alexander Tax Defense, it is our goal to help every client that hires us with the amount of taxes they owe.

In most cases, it is unlikely that the Agencies attempting to collect on your assessed liability will be interested in forgiving your debt without good cause.  Alexander Tax Defense can help with the total amount on any taxes owed.  We know from experience that the IRS and State will examine any reasonable case and make determinations as to how much tax liability you owe on the case details along with supporting documentation.  It is our primary goal to help you reduce or minimize the impact of the total taxes owed.  With our help, we are confident that you will be better prepared to present a case to the IRS and/or State that they will consider and hopefully accept.  We believe that helping individuals with their tax liability by lowering taxes owed is a success unto itself.  We look forward to working with you soon.

Originally posted 2018-06-19 23:23:18.

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