Tax Relief Experts are highly skilled individuals who have a keen understanding of how to help resolve a tax issue effectively. Most Tax Professionals would like to assert that they are a tax relief expert since that is an easy thing to claim. At Alexander Tax Defense, we believe that this claim is measured not in how much an Agency or individual knows about IRS and State procedures, but rather how they exercise this knowledge to help others who need relief with their tax issues by an expert of the field of tax resolution.

It is our belief that tax relief expertise is an earned credential. We have over fifty years of combined experience helping individuals and businesses save money on tax liability, protecting from serious collectible action such as liens and levies, and providing clarity as to why issues transpired to the point that these agencies are seeking action. While Alexander Tax Defense may not have been there with you when these problems began, we will be here for you if you need our help resolving these issues. With every case, it is our objective to give you answers as to why things happened with these taxing agencies and shed light on how to best resolve the case in your favor. We have found that may taxpayers just want an explanation of their tax issues; an explanation that only a tax relief expert can provide.

At Alexander Tax Defense, we consider ourselves tax relief experts because we understand what it is to help our clients with their tax issues. Every member of our staff has direct experience helping save taxpayers money and frustration with their tax resolution needs. Give us a call today.

Originally posted 2018-06-19 23:19:54.

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